2020 Northeast Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit

Location: Virtual
Date: June 18, 2020
Organizer: National Consortium for Creative Placemaking
Audience: 40 mid-to-senior level professionals in nonprofits and local government agencies

This event shifted their original plan from in-person to online as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic experienced in 2020. A day-long event of high-impact, innovative programming, I served as a workshop facilitator and integrated conversation between speakers and attendees.

The themes addressed the challenges of today with an eye toward a post-pandemic future, with sessions such as “Resilience, Recovery, and Healing” and “Issues in State Support of Creative Placemaking.”

2019 Net Impact Conference

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Date: October 24 to 26, 2019
Organizer: Net Impact
Audience: 1,350 young professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, and chapter members

The conference theme was focused on “Widening the Lens” which opened up conversations and new perspectives not traditionally included in the social impact and CSR conversations.

I produced the keynote conference line up and oversaw breakout programing of more than 50 sessions, covering topics ranging from stakeholder engagement, community partnerships, sustainability consulting, and equitable economic solutions.

2019 NightHowl & Trails Forever Celebration Gala

Location: San Francisco, California
Date: September 27, 2019
Organizer: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
Audience: 400 dinner attendees and 175 after-party participants

This gala and after-party served as the main fundraising and member-generation events for GGNPC, and are uniquely hosted outdoors within the park. A creative and festive event, supporters dined under the stars and dance the night away for a good cause. The target demographic for the dinner was similar to a more traditional gala, while the goal of the after-party was to engage young professionals.

I supported logistics and ideation for the NightHowl event as a part of the organization’s event advisory board, while working along side the Trails Forever team.

2017 Net Impact Conference

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Date: October 26 to 28, 2017
Organizer: Net Impact
Audience: 1,600 young professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, and chapter members

The conference theme was “Path to Purpose” and took a unique approach to careers in social impact and sustainability, with a goal of honing in on attendee needs and delivering professional development and career-related content.

I supported content and managed the session proposal process, as well as focused on event marketing and social media promotional materials.

2016 Net Impact Conference

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: November 3 to 5, 2016
Organizer: Net Impact
Audience: 1,850 young professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, and chapter members

The conference theme was “Make History,” a topic that lent itself to a lot of content in that pivotal year. This event segmented audience groups with a goal of providing additional professional-level content (including a full-day accelerator program) and curating unique experiences for both student and professional attendees.

My first conference with Net Impact, I joined the team and managed speaker logistics and on-site operations for all breakout sessions.

2020 Social Impact Storytelling Summit

Location: Virtual
Date: May 28, 2020
Organizer: Secret Agents
Audience: 135 nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and communication strategists

This event was designed as an online, interactive half-day summit focused on the social impact community during the global upheaval. It was a combination of tools, networking, and featured speakers that focused on transformative storytelling and resources for folks in the space.

I worked on the planning team focused on content design and speaker prep materials, and served as technical logistics lead during the event itself.

2019 Girls on the Run Bay Area Gala

Location: San Francisco, California
Date: April 18, 2019
Organizer: Girls on the Run
Audience: 150 community members, parents, and supporters

This gala celebrated the accomplishments of program, highlighting participants and volunteers with a focus on female empowerment. The event raised more than $100,000 and engaged a large range of the organization’s member network.

I supported the planning and logistics for the event, and provided on-site support and photography for the program.

2018 Net Impact Conference

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Date: October 25 to 27, 2018
Organizer: Net Impact
Audience: 1,500 young professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, and chapter members

The conference theme was “Outside the Lines” which helped push content and session design to ask questions beyond traditional sectors and to tie content around new ideas in around corporate impact and and community development.

I produced the keynote agenda and oversaw more than 40 session breakouts, which entailed managing speaker communications, developing titles and descriptions, and managing all outreach for the program. Topics included climate action, impact, investing, social entrepreneurship and more.

2017 Business & Race Equity Symposium

Location: Oakland, California
Date: June 7, 2017
Organizer: Net Impact
Audience: 30 corporate and foundation executives

This invite-only event was organized in partnership with Ben & Jerry’s to host a conversation with business leaders around racial equity and social justice in their lines of work and the role their organizations play in systemic solutions in the private sector.

I lead the event logistics and operations, including all invitational materials, speaker communications, content development, venue management, and more.

2015 frank gathering

Location: Gainesville, Florida
Date: February 25 to 27, 2015
Organizer: University of Florida
Audience: 300 nonprofit and foundation communicators, researchers, and academics

This conference is focused on public interest communications with a goal of connecting scholars, storytellers, and activists working on the front line of social change. Following many un-conference models and strategies, the main goal of this convening is your build community and share experiences between attendees. Events included a scavenger hunt, a food truck rally, and even a karaoke competition.

I oversaw all social media and digital communications for event, as well as managed student volunteers and speaker logistics.